May 2, 2011

sixty seven.

I recently went on a 10 day trip to Hawaii (cue jealously) & was absolutely thrilled at how CHEAP it is over there.. make up in particular.

So as I am sure you can imagine i went slightly crazy with my money.. & gladly came home with a very empty bank account... & a whole lot of fabulous new additions to my make up kit!!!

I bought & filled an entire palette with beautiful eye shadows ranging from neutrals to antique golds & all different variations of this season's hottest colour - purple.
Stocked up on my new favourite mascara by YSL.
Also, found a new MAC Mineralize Skinfinish colour to replace my old (discontinued) fave -  
my new fave is called soft & gentle. 
which we do have over here but its SOOO much cheaper there.
Many more MAC face & body foundations, which are less than HALF PRICE!
Also MAC studio finish concealers, which I am loving!
& a whole bunch of other stuff which isn't lucky enough to make the list today!
Oh & my new favourite perfume, which was actually a gift from the lovely ladies at Sephora.. is Lady Million. YUM YUM!
Oh gosh, & i haven't even mentioned Sephora... it is make up HEAVEN. seriously.
I spent multiple hours over multiple days in that place. 
They have everything you could ever want!
... except Giorgio Armani.. which i actually did want.
& they also have FABULOUS brushes!

So basically what I am trying to get at.. is that if anyone that reads this goes over to the U.S anytime soon... i expect to be able to rent out some space in your luggage for some make up on your flight home =)

just kidding.


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