May 23, 2011

seventy six.

Check out my agency's website & keep updated with all of their fabulous artists & their latest work!

DLM look after some of the most talented creatives in this country!

Some of their artists that you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for:

Steven Chee - photographer. 
(you would have seen his name on my blog before)

Troyt Coburn - photographer.

Nick Leary - photographer.

Michael Azzollini - stylist
(& designer of Azzollini swimwear.)

Marina Didovich - stylist

Pip Edwards - stylist & designer.

Jody Oliver - AMAZING hair & make up artist.

Sinden Dean - hair & make up artist.

Sarah Laidlaw - hair & make up artist.
(does the most ridiculously amazing creative hairstyles)

Erin Shaw - hair & make up artist

Anthony Nader - hair & make up artist.
(owner of RAW hair salon in East Sydney)

Angie Barton - hair & make up artist
(LOVE Angie!)

Heath Massi - hair stylist.

& me of course.
really i should be at the top of this list.


But seriously, these people all rock my world with their unique styles & amazing creativity!
Hope they rock yours too!


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