May 2, 2011

sixty nine.

Dry Shampoo.

This is another one of those things i thought EVERYONE already knew about, 
but apparently, not everyone does.

Dry shampoo is a lightweight spray that you can use on your hair in between washes.
It absorbs the oil in your hair, instead of rinsing it away like normal shampoo does.

It's a great product for people with oily hair who don't have time to wash it every single day!

I am currently loving 'Juuce Dirty Deeds - dry shampoo' which you can purchase from your local Price Attack & it comes in a pretty pink & white bottle for around $14!

Ps - what's with all these cosmetics labels giving naughty names to their products?
NARS orgasm & super orgasm?
Juuce Dirty deeds?
what's next!

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