May 31, 2011

eighty four.


This is a product I can't live without!

I am complemented on my hair colour on an almost daily basis! 

& here's my secret why...

I bleach my hair myself, 20vol & some bleach does the trick... 
(not that I'm suggesting you do this, in fact i strongly advise against it, unless you know what on earth you're doing!!!!). 

I then follow it up with TONING my hair, nearly every time i wash it!

Please keep in mind, 
Not all toners have been created equal.

My absolute favourite is De Lorenzo Silver Shampoo.. 

It comes out purple,  but it ISN'T CALLED PURPLE SHAMPOO.. trust me, I've made that mistake!

I leave it in for a few minutes after shampooing my hair & then condition!

It gets rid of the yellow tones & helps give it that natural ashy colour that I LOVE.


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