Aug 21, 2010

Make Up Tips & Tricks #1

Make Up Tips & Tricks #1

In winter, when our lips are feeling dry & cracked due to the freezing weather - i like to coat them with something a little thicker then of your average Paw Paw cream!

I'd like to introduce you to Lansinoh AKA 'Nipple Cream'. Yes, you heard right!!  


Everyone who i have told this to has thought i was either:
A) disgusting for putting something on my lips that is used for chapped nipples 
B) crazy.

Until they try it themselves!!

It goes on thick so you know it won't be coming off for a good hour or so!

Also, for all the make up artists out there - it doubles up as an amazing eye gloss
Just one coat over the lid will give that amazing glossy look that you see in Harper's Bazaar Beauty,
Or even dab a little on the top of the cheekbone for a natural looking glow!

It's definitely worth a try!


Another amazing music video.

Love, Love, LOVE!


Aug 18, 2010

looking back...

Today i was scrolling through my photos & came across some i thought you might like to see!

Around this time last year, i was booked to do the make up for the UK TV Presenter,  
Steve Jones.
He had been flown out to Australia just to interview Beyonce for the only interview for her
I Am Sasha Fierce tour.

The set was incredibly beautiful.. black shiny floors & walls draped with deep golden curtains, featuring framed photos of Beyonce.. & topped off with crisp white chairs & gorgeous chandeliers.

I had a fabulous couple of days filming with Steve & the crew!  I had to sit in on the set while they adjusted the lights for Beyonce & while Steve was rehearsing his lines  - i couldn't believe the questions he could get away with asking celebs who are usually so reserved!!

Although we weren't allowed to take photos at the interview, a couple of the camera men sneakily took some & sent them to me!

You can check out part 1 of the interview here


Aug 12, 2010

Big week!

Ive had an amazing couple of weeks with work...

Last Thursday i worked on the Myer S/S Ready To Wear Show!

It was the biggest fashion show i have ever worked on.. there were about 44 female models as well as extra male models & children that needed their make up done!

There were a couple of different make up looks..  The main one being bronzed & contoured.
We were lucky enough to work with the gorgeous make up brand, lllamasqua.  Their brushes were especially amazing. The models hair was pulled back in sleek, low ponytails.

The second look was a lot heavier around the eyes with gold leaf placed around their necks & on their hair!
I didn't have a chance to take any photos while i was there, so i found some on the net!

A couple of other jobs I've worked on recently are New Idea, Women's Health & Macquarie Uni Advertising.!

Yesterday i road tripped down to Albion Park to do hair & make up for the cover of 
Bride's Diary!

It was nearly a 3 hour drive there, so luckily i had company! 
& At the end of it i found such a great op shop!
I went a little crazy & bought a new ashy white faux fur coat to add to my collection, a cute bag, a big baggy jumper, some shoes for my man & HEAPS of pendants for rings!
Check out my new rings on my facebook page - Rings By Rachael.

& today i worked on a filming job with some well known food magazine editors.. Donna Hay was so lovely to work with.  She gave me a copy of one of her mags so Im SUPER INSPIRED to cook something amazing this weekend!

I'll be sure to post one of her yummy recipes!