Aug 18, 2010

looking back...

Today i was scrolling through my photos & came across some i thought you might like to see!

Around this time last year, i was booked to do the make up for the UK TV Presenter,  
Steve Jones.
He had been flown out to Australia just to interview Beyonce for the only interview for her
I Am Sasha Fierce tour.

The set was incredibly beautiful.. black shiny floors & walls draped with deep golden curtains, featuring framed photos of Beyonce.. & topped off with crisp white chairs & gorgeous chandeliers.

I had a fabulous couple of days filming with Steve & the crew!  I had to sit in on the set while they adjusted the lights for Beyonce & while Steve was rehearsing his lines  - i couldn't believe the questions he could get away with asking celebs who are usually so reserved!!

Although we weren't allowed to take photos at the interview, a couple of the camera men sneakily took some & sent them to me!

You can check out part 1 of the interview here


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