Jan 30, 2011


Stay inspired.
Keep a notebook.
Take a camera everywhere.
Read bios of artists you admire.
Start a personal project.
Visit art galleries.
Learn something new every day.
Visit new places.
Look after yourself.


"You are born an original.  Do not die an imitation."



Hair & Make Up Artists-

When doing beauty shoots... or if you're just an all round perfectionist-

Buy a magnifying glass!

Its the best little tool to make sure every lash & hair is sitting perfectly, every spot is covered 
& that your lines are perfectly blended & even.


I AM......
to this dvd!


Gorgeous hair, gorgeous make up, gorgeous outfits. 




Going to Big Day Out was my entertainment for today..

I understand that it is a very hot & messy day for a lot of people but GIRLS-

please, if you don't want to keep touching up your make up DONT WEAR ANY AT ALL. 

Surely a natural look would be much more pleasant to see than unintentional panda eyes half way down your face in all your happy snaps!

If you can't bear the thought of going au natural:  Keep a mirror, some tissues (to get rid of sweat) & some make up in your bag for touch ups & check yourself at least twice throughout the day!

Better yet, read my earlier post on festival make up to give you an even better chance of keeping your make up in place all day.

Check it - I danced the day & night away...
& my make up stayed exactly where i intended it to be!
As for my friend on the right with a moustache painted on with mascara-
can't say that looked the best by midnight.



A great book for some fashionable inspiration!

'Influence' by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen



"Be reckless enough to gamble all or nothing to follow your dreams."

- John Galliano.


Try brushing your eyebrows upwards to open up your face a little bit.  

You can easily hold them in place with a sweep of clear mascara, or some hairspray.

One of my portfolio shots - photographed by Sebastian Kriete.


 One of my portfolio shots - shot by my new fave photographer, Duncan Pickett.

One of my favourite summer looks right now...

Natural eyes, dewy skin, pink lips & messy curls in the hair.



A little tip that can make such a big difference!

When using powder products such as blush or eyeshadow, apply a light application of loose powder first to ensure smooth blending.  

Without this layer of loose powder, the blush or eyeshadow will grab to the oil on the skin, leaving the make up blotchy.  

 One of my portfolio shots - photographed by Lauren Michelle.



To get Jesinta's decolletage looking golden & shimmery for her FHM cover ;

 Jesinta Campbell FHM cover shoot -  photographed by Jason Ierace

I first covered her in moisturizer & then applied 
MAC 'Melon' pigment all over her chest, decolletage & shoulders.

Yes, its a little dramatic for everyday wear, 
but for the sake of a photo shoot or dressing up to the nines, 
it adds a little something extra!


"The business of life is to go forward."

-Samuel Johnson

Jan 18, 2011


To get dewy, glowing & youthful looking skin:

one of my portfolio shots - photographed by Sebastian Kriete

Add a few drops of luminising liquid to your foundation.

Check out your local Giorgio Armani counter, they have beautiful luminisers.


Does your mascara always smudge & run around your eyes?

No problem!

Just dip a cotton tip into your foundation & use it as an eraser!


A few great websites to buy make up from....






just good old ebay! 



If you decide to buy & try Cetaphil (re post fifteen)
you can also make a really great exfoliant with the cleanser!

Just mix a small amount of Bi carb of soda with the cetaphil cleanser until it feels gritty!

You can use it to exfoliate your face & your body, just rinse it off with water afterwards!

Its cheap & super easy!


Instead of buying expensive cleansers, toners & moisturizers that don't do all that they promise..

Try Cetaphil cleanser & moisturizer.  

Its around $8 from your local chemist & is made for sensitive skin!

I have been using it on my clients for YEARS 
& so far everyone has loved it!

Jan 13, 2011


This post isn't going to help you achieve a hot new make up look, but its something much more important & more relevant to today.

Queensland is currently going through one of the most horrific natural disasters its ever seen.

 Photo from The Australian

It's absolutely heartbreaking to watch the constant TV footage of the destruction these floods have caused.  People's homes, workplaces & lives have been completely destroyed.

So far this week, there have been 15 human deaths, with 55 people still missing.

All of the news channels have been keeping us up to date with the number of people affected by this... but what about the animals?

Nobody knows just how many animals would have been lost in this disaster.  Many are left without the basic necessities to survive!

(Photo: MSIDarbs @ Twitpic.com)

Please help these loved pets, livestock &
native animals to get food, 
shelter & medical help by 
donating to the RSPCA.



A quick, easy way to do a subtle cat-eye.

 image found online.

1- Prep & apply foundation & powder to your eyelids as explained in post "seven."

2- Using an angle brush, press a black gel eyeliner (or black pencil if you don't want such a strong line) into your lashes on your top lash line & smudge very slightly into the lash line.

3- Get a small piece of sticky tape. (yes sticky tape, average, use it to stick paper together, sticky tape.) make sure its not TOO sticky by pressing your fingers into it a few times. 
Place the sticky tape on your eye at the angle you would like your "flick" to be & follow the line with the gel eyeliner on an angle brush.  
This will help you to get the line perfectly straight & at the angle you intended it to be!

  Leave it for a couple of seconds to dry, then remove the sticky tape.

You may want to try doing this at a few different angles to work out which suits you best!

let me know how you go!


Just a little tip-

Always use yellow, warm based foundations! 

NOT pink based!  Pink based foundations tend to make everyone look pale & unwell.


For all the make up artists out there, or anyone who is curious about make up..

Kevyn Aucoin was an incredible make up artist, who showed off his work & his amazing journey through three incredible books - 
Making Faces, Face Forward 
& Kevyn Aucoin: A Beautiful Life.

He completely transforms everyone he works his magic on, sometimes making men look like women & women look like men! Some of the looks are now slightly outdated, however his technique is timeless & flawless.  

Between you & me... i even caught my dad having a sneak peek of the transformations!

The looks in these books are definitely something you 
need to see, read & try for yourself! 



"Dream BIG.

Work the rest out from there..."


Jan 12, 2011


Try adding some colour!

I know its easy to stick with the basics when it comes to doing your make up..
smokey eye, nude lip... 
however, done right - adding some colour can do wonders!

Try a bright lip colour that POPs!

Pink, red & orange are a few of my faves. 
Or if you're feeling brave - a deep red can look stunning.


Try using a gel eyeliner instead of a liquid or pencil.

It lasts longer, doesn't smudge & suits everyone!

MAC have fluidline which is amazing!


Something that I'm asked about a lot when I'm on jobs,  is how i get eye make up to last all day without creasing!

here's the trick!

Before putting on any make up, 
Especially from your eyelids.
You can use a baby wipe, make up remover, or cleanser to do this.

Next, put on your foundation & concealer. 
When putting it onto your eyelids, look down so the make up doesn't crease. 

After you do that, look down again, 
wipe your finger over the crease of your eyelid to make sure the product hasn't creased 
(which it can do within seconds)
& immediately brush on some translucent powder.

When you try this, you should feel your eyelids afterwards- 
they should feel like velvet, soft & even all over.

This creates the perfect base for eyeshadow or eyeliner, whichever you choose to use!

If done properly, your eye make up will last all day without a crease!


We all hate pimples & unfortunately there isn't much 
you can do that gets rid of them as quickly as we'd like!

However, you can get rid of the redness which makes them easier to cover!

Soak a cotton tip in eye drops made to reduce redness then put the cotton tip in the freezer for 5 minutes!

Then place the cotton tip on your pimple until the redness disappears! 

Give it a go!


A Miss Australia contestant told me that every girl in the competition gets taught this-

When you smile, smile big, then RELAX YOUR EYES.

It helps to reduce the bags under your eyes, therefor making your smile more attractive.

You might have to practice this a few times to get it right!



I was under the impression that everybody already knew about the product Im about to mention- 
so it shocks me when people are still surprised when i tell them about it!

So, just in case you haven't heard.

The best new product on the market for your hair is.....


I put a small amount in the ends of my hair just before i blow dry it!
It keeps it healthy & shiny & soft.

Get it from your local Price Attack or even Ebay


A fabulous make up artist once told me, 
If you're going to take a close up photo of your face -

Stick your neck out slightly to avoid double chin.  
It might feel awkward, but it shouldn't look awkward!

Make sure you use the flash on your camera.

if you want to go all out, get something white (like a piece of paper) & hold it horizontally around your chest when you take the shot. Of course, don't let it show in the photo!
This makes the flash reflect beautifully on your skin & helps to hide any flaws!

Try it!



Go for a long walk.

Unwind in a bath.

Play with a dog.


Sit on a beach & watch the waves.

Read a book.

Enjoy a trashy TV show.

Laugh with friends.

Sin in a park.

Put headphones on & zone out.


Let's kick off the new year & the tips & tricks with a quote...

"LIVE what you DREAM.
DREAM what you WANT.
WANT what you HAVE.
HAVE what you DESERVE...

- Pip Edwards for Absolut Vodka, stylist & designer.


I know its a little late, but i hope everyone had a
fabulous Christmas & New Year! 
I wish you all lots of love, 
success & happiness for twenty eleven!

I had a great couple of weeks off work! I was needing a break BIG TIME & now I've finally got my inspiration back!

Setting my goals is a very important part of the new year for me.  
Each year i think long & hard about what i REALLY want, so i can focus on ticking each goal off my list as the year progresses..

Twenty Eleven, for me,
is going to be all about the pursuit of happiness.

I'm going to work out all the things i enjoy in life & make sure i fill up my time doing them!

My 2011 Goals;

1-  First step to happiness - healthy lifestyle.
Have "me" time. eat well. drink more water. meditate. exercise. (the usual)

2-  Continue to improve with my career.
Keep the creativity flowing!
3-  Keep in touch with my friends more.
Its so hard trying to catch up with everyone when we all have such different schedules. 
i WILL make an effort to see ALL of my friends as often as i can.
4- Learn something new. 
I'm thinking wake boarding... or maybe something a little easier on my muscles, like drawing!

the real goal for this is to actually save the money to spend over there.
(I hear make up is super cheap over there!)

6-  Last but not least - BLOG MORE.
Let me be more specific.
I have learned a lot in my 5+ years being a make up artist in the fashion industry so I have decided that for every day this year (there are 365 days in 2011) i will post some kind of tip or trick i have picked up along the way.

The tips will be about skincare, make up, hair care & styling, tips from models, stylists & photographers. YOU NAME IT! i might even chuck in a few quotes for a little inspiration!
i may not be able to post every day but i will definitely make up for it when i get online the next time!

I hope you enjoy!

Here's to a HAPPY new year!