Jun 30, 2011

one hundred & five.

Reader Question:
"In between my eyebrows I get very dry skin. When I apply makeup it often makes it look worse. I exfoliate and moisturize and the problem is still there? What can i do to help this?"

It's hard to say what will definitely help this without knowing what's causing it.. & unfortunately I am no dermatologist!
I can tell you a few things to try that may help you though!

Firstly, I'm thinking it could be the products you're using on your skin that could be causing the dryness..
When you exfoliate, try mixing cetaphil cleanser with some bi carb of soda until it has a gritty texture, instead of using a brand name exfoliant. Make sure you wash it off properly while being very gentle with your skin!
I would suggest doing this every 4 or so days for a few weeks & see how you go.
Cetaphil is non drying & doesn't have as many irritations as other skin cleansers.

Follow it up with some cetaphil moisturizer as well. It's really great on sensitive skin! They have a light moisturizing lotion as well as a thick moisturizer. It's up to you which one you choose, whatever you prefer!
Use this twice a day, & especially after you exfoliate to help nourish your skin.

There is also a great product by Estee lauder called Advanced Night Repair.
It's quite expensive but it is incredible.  
There have been a lot of success stories with the product as it's been around for years & years & rumour has it that it was once upon a time used on burn victims in hospital.
I've had very dry skin myself in the past & Advanced Night Repair was so nourishing & wonderful & i would recommend it to everyone - even if they don't have dry skin!
For you, i would say to use it once a day BEFORE applying your make up in the morning! & if you want to, before you go to sleep at night! 

Also,  take a look at the make up your using.  Seeing as you said the tinted moisturizer is fine with it, I'm thinking maybe the foundation you're using is too drying.
If you have a big enough budget, use a great quality foundation like Giorgio Armani's Silk Luminous.  It's not as nourishing as a tinted moisturizer but definitely isn't as drying as some other brands.
If you've been using a matte foundation that would also make your skin look dry! So look for a foundation that has lots of sheen to it! Even MAC face & body foundation could be good on your skin!
Try not to use any thick cream concealers on the dry area either as these will show how dry it really is! Instead opt for a liquid concealer.

If none of these solutions help, I definitely suggest going to a dermatologist or doctor & having a chat to them to see if there is a more serious problem behind it.. maybe it's an allergy to something you're eating or a medicine you're taking!
 If you happen to be on roaccatane for having bad skin, this would almost definitely be the cause of your dry skin. 

I really hope this helps you!

one hundred & four.

We may as well call this 
"Reader Question Week" 
as i have so many great questions coming through that i would love to answer!

Reader Question:
"what colour is best to use on lips and eyelids to make the eyes look bluer?"

This depends on the shade of blue eyes you have.
However, as a general rule - Golden colours really make blue eyes pop!
Anything from a yellow-gold to a bronze-gold to an orange - gold.

You could use a golden bronze all over the eyelids which would be very beautiful, 
especially on tanned skin.  
If you're fair skinned then a lighter you could use the same shade, just a softer version.

Then highlight the inner points of your eyes with a true gold shadow.
Also line the inner rims of your eyes with a brown or even an antique gold eyeliner.
( find Antique Gold eyeliner at Make Up Store)
**If you use a gel eyeliner the colour will be much stronger & last longer. Check these out at MAC or Bobbi Brown. **
Load up with LOTS of black mascara.

If you wanted to be bolder, do a really beautiful black smokey eye with true black shadow
(not grey, BLACK!!! The blackest you can find!)
ID bare minerals had a great black eyeshadow. Shu Uemura also have a great black & even a metallic black. 
Add some metallic, dark blue-black eyeshadow under the eye if you're really brave,
  rim the insides of your eyes (top & bottom) with black eyeliner & really thick black mascara. 

Having tanned skin will also help blue eyes look bolder.

As for lips,  a really beautiful orange lipstick would be preferable.  
If you don't feel comfortable wearing something so bright, then anything yellow/orange based, or even a light orange gloss should do the trick.

When lining your eyes with the eyeliners i have recommended, make sure you line the INNER RIMS & make sure you do it TOP & BOTTOM
(yes it will tickle a little)
This will help to really frame the eyes & plays a BIG part in helping the blue to stand out as best it can.


one hundred & three.

Samoan Sand.


one hundred & two.

I should probably tell you my fave brands for the products I mentioned in one hundred & one.

Sea Salt Spray - my favourite is Wella Ocean Sprizz.  It completely changes the texture of thin hair.
It gives it a slightly gritty texture, as gross as that sounds it's actually REALLY GREAT for telling your hair how you want it to look & making it stay that way!
It can be found in Price Attack.
For those who can't deal with that kind of texture in their hair, 
try David Babaii's Bohemian Beach Spray.
It's cruelty free, smells DIVINE & gives more of a light hold to the hair.
And if you find these products don't work for you for whatever reason, try a few out until you find one that you love.
That's how i came up with these two suggestions.

Moroccan Oil can also be known as Argan Oil-
Type in Moroccan/Argan oil in ebay & see the bargains you can find!
If you don't feel like doing that, go to your local Price Attack & pay a bit more for it.
It's still worth it & it last's AGES!
Putting this oil through the ends will give it the glossy sheen that the sea salt spray takes away!

Jun 29, 2011

one hundred & one.

Reader Question:
"How do i make think long hair look delicious and voluminous without looking like I've spent 15 hours teasing it/drag queen?"
This is quite a detailed answer & there are a few different ways of achieving this...
The trick with very thin hair is to add lots of product until you get the texture you want to work with...  
* When your hair is towel dryed, spray it with lots & lots of sea salt spray, with lots going onto the roots.. 
Get a root lifting spray & spray into the roots as well... 
Add some moroccan oil to the ends to make them look healthy & shiny.
* Blow dry your hair with a large round brush & tip your head upside down to blow dry it..
Put the large round brush to the roots of your hair & blowdry pulling your roots upwards.
This helps it to get volume!
* Buy some Schwarzfopf Osis Dust-It & apply under a small layer of hair around your roots.. this also helps to give that extra bit of volume!
Try curling your hair a little on the ends to give it a bit of extra WOW factor!
Try this & let me know how you go!



I've made it too 100.
& it's about time.

To celebrate,  I am going to show you some of my Behind The Scenes photos going all the way back to when i first started doing make up, when i was 15!

Now, these are a treat for being such dedicated followers. 

at any unfortunate hairstyles or outfit choices you may see, 
as I was young & not exactly cluey about 'fashion'
Even though i was in the fashion industry, Believe it or not. 

Enjoy! xxx 
 I started off assisting the FABULOUS Rae Morris..
My first L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

 The nails i spent FOUR HOURS gluing diamantes on at early hours of the morning for the MAC opening show to RAFW back in 2006...
 As you can see it was a relief to finally put them on the model...
 I met some awesome people...
 Hugh Jackman.
Jackie O...
The Rogue Traders... Cam..
Natalie Bas...
Todd & Sonya...
The divine Miranda Kerr...
Made some amazing & very talented friends...
The incredible Rachel Montgomery..
Wined & Dined on the LMFF VIP boat...
Had some not so serious times....
& spent a lot of time looking after this little cutie!
Sometimes I would be the model...

& leave work looking like this....
Then it was my turn to start doing the make up...
I've now worked on beautiful faces...
In some amazing places...
& now i get to make my own beautiful make up mess...
& that's just the way i like it...


Jun 28, 2011

ninety nine.

Reader Question:

"What kind of concealer should i use under my eyes?"

Good question!

The best concealers for under your eyes are liquid & orange based.  

The orange tones help to knock out the bluey shadow under the eyes!

Again, my favourite product for this is the YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch concealer.

ninety eight.

Another GREAT tip to know...

When doing your make up, try your hardest to find the spot in your house with the most natural light.

This is the BEST & ONLY light to be doing make up under as you can see flaws & true colours so clearly.

Ever see a girl walking out of the house with a foundation on her face that's 10 shades too dark?

Bet you any money,  she would have chosen her foundation colour under the hideous lights in a department store, then would have taken the product home & done her make up in her very yellow bedroom or bathroom light which makes every foundation look like it will match her skin tone!

If there is no good light in your house, take a mirror & go outside!

It's definitely the better option, in my eyes.

ninety seven.

When using any make up around your eyes,

be very gentle with the soft skin underneath your eye.

Especially when using cream concealers.

It's a very delicate area.

Try using your pinky, or your ring finger to blend around the area as it's harder to apply pressure.

If you can't be gentle with a cream concealer, swap to a liquid as they're much easier to blend.

YSL's Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Concealer is a great product to start with!

Jun 26, 2011

ninety six.

Another tip for using hairspray..

When you're spraying, hold the can so far away from your hair, I would say at least 30cms,
so that by the time it has reached your hair it's dry.

This makes sure you avoid that hideous wet, oily & stiff look from having sprayed it

ninety five.

If you have little fly away hairs, here is a good trick to hide them!
Get a toothbrush (NO USED ONES PLEASE!!!) & spray the bristles with medium hold hair spray.

Then swipe the toothbrush over your fly aways in a downward motion.

Then they are fly aways no more!

Jun 23, 2011

Ninety Four.

Henry, Ricky Ponting & myself after work at The Front studios!

Jun 21, 2011

Ninety three.

Heres a little tip that can make a big difference!
If you have yellow teeth, help them look like pearly whites by wearing a lipstick with blue undertones!
A fabulous blue-red can work wonders!

Jun 20, 2011

Ninety two.

Ninety one.

Even though I go on about how much I LOVE highlighting..
There is one thing you should know!
If you have a very prominent feature say a large nose,
it's best not to highlight it.
As this will make it stand out even more! 

Hence the term.. "highlighting".

Jun 15, 2011


My latest shoot ...

Shot by Chad Leon.
Styling by Jess Pecoraro. 

We had loads of fun playing with all the colour!