Jun 29, 2011

one hundred & one.

Reader Question:
"How do i make think long hair look delicious and voluminous without looking like I've spent 15 hours teasing it/drag queen?"
This is quite a detailed answer & there are a few different ways of achieving this...
The trick with very thin hair is to add lots of product until you get the texture you want to work with...  
* When your hair is towel dryed, spray it with lots & lots of sea salt spray, with lots going onto the roots.. 
Get a root lifting spray & spray into the roots as well... 
Add some moroccan oil to the ends to make them look healthy & shiny.
* Blow dry your hair with a large round brush & tip your head upside down to blow dry it..
Put the large round brush to the roots of your hair & blowdry pulling your roots upwards.
This helps it to get volume!
* Buy some Schwarzfopf Osis Dust-It & apply under a small layer of hair around your roots.. this also helps to give that extra bit of volume!
Try curling your hair a little on the ends to give it a bit of extra WOW factor!
Try this & let me know how you go!

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