Jun 30, 2011

one hundred & four.

We may as well call this 
"Reader Question Week" 
as i have so many great questions coming through that i would love to answer!

Reader Question:
"what colour is best to use on lips and eyelids to make the eyes look bluer?"

This depends on the shade of blue eyes you have.
However, as a general rule - Golden colours really make blue eyes pop!
Anything from a yellow-gold to a bronze-gold to an orange - gold.

You could use a golden bronze all over the eyelids which would be very beautiful, 
especially on tanned skin.  
If you're fair skinned then a lighter you could use the same shade, just a softer version.

Then highlight the inner points of your eyes with a true gold shadow.
Also line the inner rims of your eyes with a brown or even an antique gold eyeliner.
( find Antique Gold eyeliner at Make Up Store)
**If you use a gel eyeliner the colour will be much stronger & last longer. Check these out at MAC or Bobbi Brown. **
Load up with LOTS of black mascara.

If you wanted to be bolder, do a really beautiful black smokey eye with true black shadow
(not grey, BLACK!!! The blackest you can find!)
ID bare minerals had a great black eyeshadow. Shu Uemura also have a great black & even a metallic black. 
Add some metallic, dark blue-black eyeshadow under the eye if you're really brave,
  rim the insides of your eyes (top & bottom) with black eyeliner & really thick black mascara. 

Having tanned skin will also help blue eyes look bolder.

As for lips,  a really beautiful orange lipstick would be preferable.  
If you don't feel comfortable wearing something so bright, then anything yellow/orange based, or even a light orange gloss should do the trick.

When lining your eyes with the eyeliners i have recommended, make sure you line the INNER RIMS & make sure you do it TOP & BOTTOM
(yes it will tickle a little)
This will help to really frame the eyes & plays a BIG part in helping the blue to stand out as best it can.


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