Jun 30, 2011

one hundred & two.

I should probably tell you my fave brands for the products I mentioned in one hundred & one.

Sea Salt Spray - my favourite is Wella Ocean Sprizz.  It completely changes the texture of thin hair.
It gives it a slightly gritty texture, as gross as that sounds it's actually REALLY GREAT for telling your hair how you want it to look & making it stay that way!
It can be found in Price Attack.
For those who can't deal with that kind of texture in their hair, 
try David Babaii's Bohemian Beach Spray.
It's cruelty free, smells DIVINE & gives more of a light hold to the hair.
And if you find these products don't work for you for whatever reason, try a few out until you find one that you love.
That's how i came up with these two suggestions.

Moroccan Oil can also be known as Argan Oil-
Type in Moroccan/Argan oil in ebay & see the bargains you can find!
If you don't feel like doing that, go to your local Price Attack & pay a bit more for it.
It's still worth it & it last's AGES!
Putting this oil through the ends will give it the glossy sheen that the sea salt spray takes away!

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