Jun 30, 2011

one hundred & five.

Reader Question:
"In between my eyebrows I get very dry skin. When I apply makeup it often makes it look worse. I exfoliate and moisturize and the problem is still there? What can i do to help this?"

It's hard to say what will definitely help this without knowing what's causing it.. & unfortunately I am no dermatologist!
I can tell you a few things to try that may help you though!

Firstly, I'm thinking it could be the products you're using on your skin that could be causing the dryness..
When you exfoliate, try mixing cetaphil cleanser with some bi carb of soda until it has a gritty texture, instead of using a brand name exfoliant. Make sure you wash it off properly while being very gentle with your skin!
I would suggest doing this every 4 or so days for a few weeks & see how you go.
Cetaphil is non drying & doesn't have as many irritations as other skin cleansers.

Follow it up with some cetaphil moisturizer as well. It's really great on sensitive skin! They have a light moisturizing lotion as well as a thick moisturizer. It's up to you which one you choose, whatever you prefer!
Use this twice a day, & especially after you exfoliate to help nourish your skin.

There is also a great product by Estee lauder called Advanced Night Repair.
It's quite expensive but it is incredible.  
There have been a lot of success stories with the product as it's been around for years & years & rumour has it that it was once upon a time used on burn victims in hospital.
I've had very dry skin myself in the past & Advanced Night Repair was so nourishing & wonderful & i would recommend it to everyone - even if they don't have dry skin!
For you, i would say to use it once a day BEFORE applying your make up in the morning! & if you want to, before you go to sleep at night! 

Also,  take a look at the make up your using.  Seeing as you said the tinted moisturizer is fine with it, I'm thinking maybe the foundation you're using is too drying.
If you have a big enough budget, use a great quality foundation like Giorgio Armani's Silk Luminous.  It's not as nourishing as a tinted moisturizer but definitely isn't as drying as some other brands.
If you've been using a matte foundation that would also make your skin look dry! So look for a foundation that has lots of sheen to it! Even MAC face & body foundation could be good on your skin!
Try not to use any thick cream concealers on the dry area either as these will show how dry it really is! Instead opt for a liquid concealer.

If none of these solutions help, I definitely suggest going to a dermatologist or doctor & having a chat to them to see if there is a more serious problem behind it.. maybe it's an allergy to something you're eating or a medicine you're taking!
 If you happen to be on roaccatane for having bad skin, this would almost definitely be the cause of your dry skin. 

I really hope this helps you!

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