Jun 24, 2010


I've been so super busy lately that i've been really bad at updating my blog..
So here to put a little kick into your day is a little bit of bright lip inspiration...

Enjoy !


Jun 18, 2010

Clean & Beautiful.

This is a recent beauty shoot i did the make up for... 

It was shot by one of my favourite photographers to work with, Sebastian Kriete.
& the beautiful Jasmin Lo was on hair!


Snow Bunnies

Last weekend, for the first time since i was a child.. i went to the SNOW!

I attempted to snowboard... it was difficult, yet hilarious & had the potential to be very embarrassing, to say the least.
I had the most amazing weekend, filled with fun, great friends & suprisingly, some gorgeous sunshine! 
I'll definitely be planning some more trips down there during the winter!

Jun 6, 2010

A new love.

 Over the past few weeks, Ive discovered a new love.

I find vintage & second hand pieces of jewellery or pendants that i think are cute & make them into dress rings!

Some are one offs & others can be made a few times..

You can view/ buy them

Would love to know your thoughts!

Hope you all had an AMAZING weekend.

Mine was filled with great wine & great friends.!