May 31, 2011

eighty five.

So this is a little trick that a lot of make up artists use!

When deciding which brows to pluck, draw around the bottom edge of your eyebrows (the shape you would like it to be) with a white eyeliner pencil,  so that your unwanted hairs are clearly covered in white!

Then get plucking!

The best part - If you've coloured your unwanted brows in, & you're not liking the shape, you can remove the pencil marks & re do them in the shape you love before tweezing so you don't end up hating them!


eighty four.


This is a product I can't live without!

I am complemented on my hair colour on an almost daily basis! 

& here's my secret why...

I bleach my hair myself, 20vol & some bleach does the trick... 
(not that I'm suggesting you do this, in fact i strongly advise against it, unless you know what on earth you're doing!!!!). 

I then follow it up with TONING my hair, nearly every time i wash it!

Please keep in mind, 
Not all toners have been created equal.

My absolute favourite is De Lorenzo Silver Shampoo.. 

It comes out purple,  but it ISN'T CALLED PURPLE SHAMPOO.. trust me, I've made that mistake!

I leave it in for a few minutes after shampooing my hair & then condition!

It gets rid of the yellow tones & helps give it that natural ashy colour that I LOVE.


May 30, 2011

eighty three.

"What you are thinking now is creating your future life.  
You create your life with your thoughts.
Because you are always thinking, you are always creating.  
What you think about the most or focus on the most, 
is what will appear as your life."

-Rhonda Byrne.

eighty two.

Still can't get over how amazing YSL mascara is...

I think this may be a long lasting relationship.

Photography by Chris Wilson @ Simplified Media


Just ignore my CRAAAAZY brow day.

eighty one.

Some of my latest work with the amazing Duncan Pickett!


I am ever so devastated that Oprah will no longer be gracing our TV screens with her presence on a daily basis.

However, there is one beautiful quote that I will forever keep in my mind, with many thanks to her...

"Please be responsible for the energy that you bring into this space."

It's truly something to live by...

i will be!


May 23, 2011

seventy nine.


& all their fabulous clothes!

I went into their office today & It felt like I was in fashion HEAVEN.

& the girls were so very helpful!

Thanks Ladies!

Ps. Hope you're finding some helpful make up tips!


seventy eight.

This week I can't live without..

My MAC Studio Finish Concealer!

It's got GREAT coverage & blends in perfectly with any foundation.. 
(I wear it with Giorgio Armani)
& It comes in a little pot that's easy to carry in any sized bag.

It makes me look like I've had my full 8 hours sleep EVERY night!


seventy seven.

"Gratitude is a powerful process for shifting your energy & bringing more of what you want into your life.

Be grateful for what you already have & you will attract more good things."

 -Rhonda Byrne


seventy six.

Check out my agency's website & keep updated with all of their fabulous artists & their latest work!

DLM look after some of the most talented creatives in this country!

Some of their artists that you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for:

Steven Chee - photographer. 
(you would have seen his name on my blog before)

Troyt Coburn - photographer.

Nick Leary - photographer.

Michael Azzollini - stylist
(& designer of Azzollini swimwear.)

Marina Didovich - stylist

Pip Edwards - stylist & designer.

Jody Oliver - AMAZING hair & make up artist.

Sinden Dean - hair & make up artist.

Sarah Laidlaw - hair & make up artist.
(does the most ridiculously amazing creative hairstyles)

Erin Shaw - hair & make up artist

Anthony Nader - hair & make up artist.
(owner of RAW hair salon in East Sydney)

Angie Barton - hair & make up artist
(LOVE Angie!)

Heath Massi - hair stylist.

& me of course.
really i should be at the top of this list.


But seriously, these people all rock my world with their unique styles & amazing creativity!
Hope they rock yours too!


May 21, 2011

seventy five.


My FAVOURITE pink lipstick to wear



available for $15 at Scotty's Make Up


seventy four.

My FAVOURITE fashion blog

These ladies give me serious wardrobe envy!

Check it out.

seventy three.

Just thought i should let you all know...

Within a couple of weeks I will be the LATEST ADDITION to 
I've just registered as a MAKE UP TUTOR!


So get your butt's signed up so i can tutor YOU!

You heard me!


seventy two.

As you should all know by now, i LOVE a good book.
Coffee table books.. even better!
So I've managed to get over my sadness for the great book stores closing down 
& bagged myself a bargain!

It's called...

Harper's Bazaar's 

Yes I am well aware that it's been out for a couple of years now, but that doesn't mean my purchase is nothing to get excited about!

It's such a BEAUTIFUL book, & of course It's supporting Australia's unique style but also our very talented photographers, stylists & hair & make up artists!

Its one of those books that I'll treasure forever.


May 2, 2011

seventy one.

A great idea to do before you go purchasing any skincare or make up products,
is to know some facts about what you're buying!

Is the product gentle on skin? How will it sit on your skin after a day of wearing it? 
Will the product actually do the job it says it will? Or will it do more harm than good?

You're probably thinking that sounds much easier than it is to do!

Luckily for all of us, Paula Begoun has done the hard work for us!

She has written a series of books called 
"Don't go to the cosmetics counter without me"  
which gives you thorough reviews on THOUSANDS of products!
If you just want to know what certain labels or words mean or want general knowledge on what is going onto your skin.. 
read her book called  
"The Beauty Bible."
These books are so helpful & are widely respected amongst the beauty industry.


A great blush to try:

TRUblend microminerals in Natural Rose 485.

Its a gorgeous peachy colour with a beautiful gold reflect!

sixty nine.

Dry Shampoo.

This is another one of those things i thought EVERYONE already knew about, 
but apparently, not everyone does.

Dry shampoo is a lightweight spray that you can use on your hair in between washes.
It absorbs the oil in your hair, instead of rinsing it away like normal shampoo does.

It's a great product for people with oily hair who don't have time to wash it every single day!

I am currently loving 'Juuce Dirty Deeds - dry shampoo' which you can purchase from your local Price Attack & it comes in a pretty pink & white bottle for around $14!

Ps - what's with all these cosmetics labels giving naughty names to their products?
NARS orgasm & super orgasm?
Juuce Dirty deeds?
what's next!

sixty eight.

Also, on my recent trip to Hawaii I was lucky enough to have easy access to Oprah's O Magazine.

Its my version of a lifestyle bible & one of the most relevant things I learned was how to go on a buying diet. Which, trust me, i NEED to do.

For every item you buy, whether its clothes, shoes, homewares, make up, whatever..
get rid of something.  
Donate it, sell it or give it away.

This helps you to actually take note of how much you're actually buying.. & of course when you get to the point where you absolutely can't imagine throwing anything else out, you will be forced to stop purchasing anything more! 
On the plus side, if you sell something, this gives you more money to buy something else!

& if this isn't enough..
when you're feeling empty & feel like you need to shop,
go & sit in a crowded space & go through everything until you start to feel cluttered.

I can't stand clutter. So this works perfectly for me!

sixty seven.

I recently went on a 10 day trip to Hawaii (cue jealously) & was absolutely thrilled at how CHEAP it is over there.. make up in particular.

So as I am sure you can imagine i went slightly crazy with my money.. & gladly came home with a very empty bank account... & a whole lot of fabulous new additions to my make up kit!!!

I bought & filled an entire palette with beautiful eye shadows ranging from neutrals to antique golds & all different variations of this season's hottest colour - purple.
Stocked up on my new favourite mascara by YSL.
Also, found a new MAC Mineralize Skinfinish colour to replace my old (discontinued) fave -  
my new fave is called soft & gentle. 
which we do have over here but its SOOO much cheaper there.
Many more MAC face & body foundations, which are less than HALF PRICE!
Also MAC studio finish concealers, which I am loving!
& a whole bunch of other stuff which isn't lucky enough to make the list today!
Oh & my new favourite perfume, which was actually a gift from the lovely ladies at Sephora.. is Lady Million. YUM YUM!
Oh gosh, & i haven't even mentioned Sephora... it is make up HEAVEN. seriously.
I spent multiple hours over multiple days in that place. 
They have everything you could ever want!
... except Giorgio Armani.. which i actually did want.
& they also have FABULOUS brushes!

So basically what I am trying to get at.. is that if anyone that reads this goes over to the U.S anytime soon... i expect to be able to rent out some space in your luggage for some make up on your flight home =)

just kidding.


sixty six.

I saw this quote on a chalkboard that lives in the office of a very successful advertising agency...
There were hundreds of quotes on there but unfortunately i didn't have time to write down all of them. 
So i just took down the one that seemed most relevant to me at the time...

"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do."

I now live by it.

sixty five.

For anyone out there who is wanting to learn make up...

Check out 

This is the easiest, cheapest way to learn make up & its all with the convenience of learning online!
  You will walk away from this course with a complete knowledge of make up & great beauty industry insights from internationally recognized tutors, as well as make up discounts 
& most importantly 
the skills to begin your career as a make up artist!!

There is currently a fantastic special running - begin your online Make Up Diploma Course for just $999!

There are limited positions so get in quickly!!!


sixty four.

As promised, a link to the Coke Zero Ad that i worked on...

Love it.