May 2, 2011

seventy one.

A great idea to do before you go purchasing any skincare or make up products,
is to know some facts about what you're buying!

Is the product gentle on skin? How will it sit on your skin after a day of wearing it? 
Will the product actually do the job it says it will? Or will it do more harm than good?

You're probably thinking that sounds much easier than it is to do!

Luckily for all of us, Paula Begoun has done the hard work for us!

She has written a series of books called 
"Don't go to the cosmetics counter without me"  
which gives you thorough reviews on THOUSANDS of products!
If you just want to know what certain labels or words mean or want general knowledge on what is going onto your skin.. 
read her book called  
"The Beauty Bible."
These books are so helpful & are widely respected amongst the beauty industry.

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