May 2, 2011

sixty eight.

Also, on my recent trip to Hawaii I was lucky enough to have easy access to Oprah's O Magazine.

Its my version of a lifestyle bible & one of the most relevant things I learned was how to go on a buying diet. Which, trust me, i NEED to do.

For every item you buy, whether its clothes, shoes, homewares, make up, whatever..
get rid of something.  
Donate it, sell it or give it away.

This helps you to actually take note of how much you're actually buying.. & of course when you get to the point where you absolutely can't imagine throwing anything else out, you will be forced to stop purchasing anything more! 
On the plus side, if you sell something, this gives you more money to buy something else!

& if this isn't enough..
when you're feeling empty & feel like you need to shop,
go & sit in a crowded space & go through everything until you start to feel cluttered.

I can't stand clutter. So this works perfectly for me!

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