Jan 13, 2011


This post isn't going to help you achieve a hot new make up look, but its something much more important & more relevant to today.

Queensland is currently going through one of the most horrific natural disasters its ever seen.

 Photo from The Australian

It's absolutely heartbreaking to watch the constant TV footage of the destruction these floods have caused.  People's homes, workplaces & lives have been completely destroyed.

So far this week, there have been 15 human deaths, with 55 people still missing.

All of the news channels have been keeping us up to date with the number of people affected by this... but what about the animals?

Nobody knows just how many animals would have been lost in this disaster.  Many are left without the basic necessities to survive!

(Photo: MSIDarbs @ Twitpic.com)

Please help these loved pets, livestock &
native animals to get food, 
shelter & medical help by 
donating to the RSPCA.


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