Jan 30, 2011


Going to Big Day Out was my entertainment for today..

I understand that it is a very hot & messy day for a lot of people but GIRLS-

please, if you don't want to keep touching up your make up DONT WEAR ANY AT ALL. 

Surely a natural look would be much more pleasant to see than unintentional panda eyes half way down your face in all your happy snaps!

If you can't bear the thought of going au natural:  Keep a mirror, some tissues (to get rid of sweat) & some make up in your bag for touch ups & check yourself at least twice throughout the day!

Better yet, read my earlier post on festival make up to give you an even better chance of keeping your make up in place all day.

Check it - I danced the day & night away...
& my make up stayed exactly where i intended it to be!
As for my friend on the right with a moustache painted on with mascara-
can't say that looked the best by midnight.


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