Jan 12, 2011


Something that I'm asked about a lot when I'm on jobs,  is how i get eye make up to last all day without creasing!

here's the trick!

Before putting on any make up, 
Especially from your eyelids.
You can use a baby wipe, make up remover, or cleanser to do this.

Next, put on your foundation & concealer. 
When putting it onto your eyelids, look down so the make up doesn't crease. 

After you do that, look down again, 
wipe your finger over the crease of your eyelid to make sure the product hasn't creased 
(which it can do within seconds)
& immediately brush on some translucent powder.

When you try this, you should feel your eyelids afterwards- 
they should feel like velvet, soft & even all over.

This creates the perfect base for eyeshadow or eyeliner, whichever you choose to use!

If done properly, your eye make up will last all day without a crease!

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