Jan 12, 2011


I know its a little late, but i hope everyone had a
fabulous Christmas & New Year! 
I wish you all lots of love, 
success & happiness for twenty eleven!

I had a great couple of weeks off work! I was needing a break BIG TIME & now I've finally got my inspiration back!

Setting my goals is a very important part of the new year for me.  
Each year i think long & hard about what i REALLY want, so i can focus on ticking each goal off my list as the year progresses..

Twenty Eleven, for me,
is going to be all about the pursuit of happiness.

I'm going to work out all the things i enjoy in life & make sure i fill up my time doing them!

My 2011 Goals;

1-  First step to happiness - healthy lifestyle.
Have "me" time. eat well. drink more water. meditate. exercise. (the usual)

2-  Continue to improve with my career.
Keep the creativity flowing!
3-  Keep in touch with my friends more.
Its so hard trying to catch up with everyone when we all have such different schedules. 
i WILL make an effort to see ALL of my friends as often as i can.
4- Learn something new. 
I'm thinking wake boarding... or maybe something a little easier on my muscles, like drawing!

the real goal for this is to actually save the money to spend over there.
(I hear make up is super cheap over there!)

6-  Last but not least - BLOG MORE.
Let me be more specific.
I have learned a lot in my 5+ years being a make up artist in the fashion industry so I have decided that for every day this year (there are 365 days in 2011) i will post some kind of tip or trick i have picked up along the way.

The tips will be about skincare, make up, hair care & styling, tips from models, stylists & photographers. YOU NAME IT! i might even chuck in a few quotes for a little inspiration!
i may not be able to post every day but i will definitely make up for it when i get online the next time!

I hope you enjoy!

Here's to a HAPPY new year!

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