Jan 13, 2011


A quick, easy way to do a subtle cat-eye.

 image found online.

1- Prep & apply foundation & powder to your eyelids as explained in post "seven."

2- Using an angle brush, press a black gel eyeliner (or black pencil if you don't want such a strong line) into your lashes on your top lash line & smudge very slightly into the lash line.

3- Get a small piece of sticky tape. (yes sticky tape, average, use it to stick paper together, sticky tape.) make sure its not TOO sticky by pressing your fingers into it a few times. 
Place the sticky tape on your eye at the angle you would like your "flick" to be & follow the line with the gel eyeliner on an angle brush.  
This will help you to get the line perfectly straight & at the angle you intended it to be!

  Leave it for a couple of seconds to dry, then remove the sticky tape.

You may want to try doing this at a few different angles to work out which suits you best!

let me know how you go!

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