Aug 21, 2010

Make Up Tips & Tricks #1

Make Up Tips & Tricks #1

In winter, when our lips are feeling dry & cracked due to the freezing weather - i like to coat them with something a little thicker then of your average Paw Paw cream!

I'd like to introduce you to Lansinoh AKA 'Nipple Cream'. Yes, you heard right!!  


Everyone who i have told this to has thought i was either:
A) disgusting for putting something on my lips that is used for chapped nipples 
B) crazy.

Until they try it themselves!!

It goes on thick so you know it won't be coming off for a good hour or so!

Also, for all the make up artists out there - it doubles up as an amazing eye gloss
Just one coat over the lid will give that amazing glossy look that you see in Harper's Bazaar Beauty,
Or even dab a little on the top of the cheekbone for a natural looking glow!

It's definitely worth a try!



  1. That's what I call inventive :) Sounds like a great product

  2. My sister in law introduced me to this too!(she is breast feeding and tried it one day while she was glued to the couch with the baby) and its sooooo good! I'm defintely with you on this one Rachel! x