Jul 1, 2011

one hundred & seven.

 Reader Question:
"How does a blonde do a smokey dark eye without it looking to full on? 
What colours are best to use?" 

For a smokey eye that isn't too full on I would say this is my favourite look:

Take note: I did this a little heavier than usual so it would show up well in the photo! 

It's also quite simple to achieve.

After prepping your eyelids,
(With foundation, followed by concealer & then a translucent powder.)

Apply a beautiful natural shimmery colour powder to your eyelids 
( I love MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Soft and Gentle') 
& the inner V corners of your eyes to highlight.
If you don't want a shimmery powder on your eyelids just leave the translucent powder that you applied after your concealer.  Still do the inner corners of your eyes though!

Follow that up with some heavy black eyeliner on the inner rim of your eyes, top & bottom!
(I would use MAC gel eyeliner in 'Blacktrack')

Then get a black eyeshadow 
(& a smaller eyeshadow brush)
& smudge it all along your top lash line, creating a blended black line above your lashes.
Use the same eyeshadow & darken the outer V of your eyes, top & bottom.
If you feel that's too heavy you can leave out the smudging all the way along the lashline & just smudge the outer V instead. Just make sure you blend the black into your eyelashes so there are no harsh lines showing!

Curl your lashes, apply plenty of black mascara & you're done!

I have another option for you as well which I wear on an almost every day basis.
It's not quite a "smokey" eye but definitely a great look that isn't too full on, 
yet you still feel like you're eyes are strong enough to wear on a night out!

As i did in this picture.. 
Please note: this eye make up i am about to teach you, 
will not make you scrunch your face up or look as stupid as i do in this photo.
That was my own doing.

The process is quite similar to the first look

Prep your eylids.
Apply the shimmery eyeshadow... or not. Again, It's up to you!
Do highlight the inner corners of your eyes with the shimmery shadow though!

Again, apply lots of black eyeliner to the inner rims of your eyes.

Then apply a taupe eyeshadow on your eyelids
Apply it all over your entire eyelid if you skipped the shimmer powder step 
& only apply along your lashline if you did apply the shimmer powder to your eyelid.
(I use L'oreal ColourAppeal in '46 Crystal Brown')

Use the same colour & apply along the bottom lashline as well.

Curl your lashes & load them up with mascara & you've completed another great look!

Hope you love at least one of these looks!

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