Jul 20, 2011

one hundred & nineteen.

The one product i buy more than anything is..


Thats right.

Good old fashioned... 
fragrance free.. 
10 bucks a packet...
Baby Wipes.

They're the only thing i can trust to be gentle on even the most sensitive skin!
I use them twice a day!

In the morning to prepare my skin for applying make up
(or whenever i decide to wake up.. 
which is usually really the afternoon if i have a choice,
but to make my point, i'll say morning)
& at night to remove my make up!

I suggest everyone who spends hundreds of dollars a month on their 
"cleansing, toning, moisturizing" products to give them a go!
Replace your cleanser/toner with them &
you may find that they will do your skin a WORLD of good!




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