Jul 2, 2011

one hundred & nine.

Reader Question:
"I always try to get that perfect balance between smokey eye and 60's cat eye. 
I love top-lined eyes but i hate perfect looking make up, 
i like it a little rough around the edges, a bit rock n roll. 
how can i do this and which products are best?"

Give me a challenge why don't you! haha.
This isn't the simplest of make ups to explain in a post,
Or even to do on yourself.
So i'll take a few rough photos along the way to help keep you on track.

Prep your eyes.
(Baby wipe them to remove all oil. Apply foundation, concealer & translucent powder over the top)
Don't bother doing your foundation until you've finished your eye make up!

Product wise, you can go all out by using a black gel eyeliner with a brush.
MAC 'Blacktrack' gel eyeliner is what I've used.
If you find it easier to use a black pencil that will do the same job, or even a very black eyeshadow.
Using the eyeshadow option will be more likely be smokey than striking.

Draw an imaginary line (or an actual line if that helps) from the side of your nose, to the corner of your eyes & upwards to your temples.
This is the angle your "flick" should be at.
I did this after I'd done the make up just to show you
but you should do it first, as told in the step by step.

Then you have a choice.
Do you want to cover your entire eyelid in black?
If you do,
Put some sticky tape over this imaginary line.
Yes sticky tape.!
It helps you to keep on a straight line.
  Then using your brush cover your eyelid with the black eyeliner,
going into the crease of your eye socket, &  all the way to the end of the sticky tape.

Stay looking down and leave it to dry for a minute.
Or until you get too impatient.
Check to make sure the black is even & heavy enough to your liking
(if it's not you can go over it with the same product you've used or a black eyeshadow)
Then peel off the sticky tape, revealing a heavy black 60s cat eye.
Then grab a smaller brush with some more of your black product of choice & apply to the inner V of your eyes. 

If you don't want to cover your entire eyelid with black, 
place the sticky tape across your eyelid, leading into your imaginary line. 
Cover the space in between your lashes & the tape with your black product & again leave to dry for a minute before checking the colour.

Again, do the inner V corner of your eyes.

Clean up any mess you've made around your eyes, with some cotton tips with foundation on them
& Coat your lashes with lots of mascara!

If you need extra help getting the shape right, put the sticky tape on top of your eyelid as well as on the imaginary line, so there's really no way of going outside the lines!
That will guarantee the perfect flick to suit your eye shape!

Feel free to add on what i've taught you to personalize your look.
Add some extra black to thicken up the flick, or if you wanted it to be a bit thinner, adjust the flick freehand with a brush/cotton tip coated in foundation.

Just like everything you do, practice makes perfect & the same goes for when doing make up!
Hope this helps!

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