Jul 1, 2011

one hundred & eight.

Reader Question:
"I have trouble finding nice powders or foundations that apply smoothly and evenly, do you have any suggestions for someone who is ridiculously pale? 
The last one I bought was the perfect colour but looked really obviously cakey on my skin."

YES! I have a solution for you!
The trick is in the combo of foundations & powders you're applying.

I personally don't love matte skin, 
so I would only be using powder on the areas of your face that get very shiny.  
Invest in some blot paper & avoid the powder altogether!
I can imagine you saying...
 "What on earth is BLOT PAPER??"
It's a really lightweight paper that comes in cute pocket sized packs, which you pat your face with & it  removes the oil that's there!
You can try finding some at your local make up store.. 
Or look on ebay or scottysmakeup for some!

If you decide you want to stick with the powder,  then buy a loose, translucent powder.
L'oreal make a great loose powder called 'Translucide, naturally luminous powder'
& it even has vitamin C in it!

If you've been using a pressed powder, they can be thicker than wearing a foundation, so if you're combining the two,  you can only imagine how "cakey" that would look! 

As for the foundation,
I know it can be horribly hard to find pale colours especially in cheaper brands.
(I feel your pain, without fake tan i have fluorescent white skin myself!)  
You may have to splurge out a bit to find a colour that matches you, that has a smooth consistency. 

There are a few brands that i love that make lovely pale foundations...
It will depend on how much coverage you want as to which you would choose..

For light coverage:
MAC 'face & body' is a great foundation.
It only gives a small amount of coverage, say enough to even out skin tone, 
without covering scars or blemishes.
It's very lightweight & easy to wear with translucent powder as well.
You would probably be colours "C1" or "C2"

For medium coverage:
I know I don't shut up about Giorgio Armani 'Silk Luminous foundation',
but that's only because it is truly one of the BEST products out there. 
It gives good coverage but is no where near "cakey". 
It blends perfectly & will look fine with the powder i recommended over the top.
I'm not sure exactly what colour you would be without seeing you but possibly a 3.5 or lighter. 

For heavy coverage:
Shu Uemura 'Face architect' foundation also comes in pale colours.
However, it's a much thicker consistency with a lot more coverage.
Still a great product, but it may be too thick for your liking.

If you feel like you need more coverage than the light- medium coverage foundations,
you should try YSl's 'Touche Eclat' concealer in number 2.
 It will blend in beautifully with either foundation!

One other thing to keep in mind for your pale skin..
A lot of places will probably try selling you pink based foundations because of how fair you are.
Try your very best to avoid them & opt for a yellow based foundation instead.
It will make you look a healthier version of pale 
& you're more likely to find a colour that matches really well. 

All the colours i have recommended are yellow based & probably always will be!

Hope this helps!

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