Mar 22, 2011

sixty one.

Did i say I'd only found ONE new love in my last post?

Well that was an understatement.

I meant I'd actually found THREE new loves.

My second, is YSL's Top Secrets flash radiance skincare brush.

In easier terms - skin primer that makes your skin glow! 
(glow as in look radiant, not glow in the dark!!!)

Its a lightweight, water based primer that makes your skin feel soft like velvet & helps to make skin look instantly luminous!

I'm not the biggest fan of primers due to their sometimes oily look & tendency to encourage your make up to slide right off your face!  However,  this one sits beautifully on the skin, you can't feel or see any oil & if anything, helps your make up to last longer!

Did i mention it smells amazing too??

Apply it a couple of minutes before applying your make up so it has time to settle into your skin & be sure to use it next time you're feeling & looking a little tired!


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