Mar 6, 2011



So, here are the colours you should use to highlight for different skin tones!
There is one golden (HA! its funny because highlighters are usually golden) rule for highlighting & that is the colour you choose to highlight with must have a shimmery or shiny finish (otherwise it won't "highlight" your skin. duh) & it must always be the same colour as your skin, or lighter.

For pale skin - the best colour to use is eggshell or off-white.
Laura Mercier make a powder called "Stardust" which is perfect for all you pasty skins out there!
Don't worry, I'm not trying to offend you, I'm also included in this category.  i was flattered the other day when i was put in the medium skin tone category.. of course i had fake tan on.
I also love Model Co's "luminosity shimmer stick".  In fact, i would say that i can't get enough of it. I reapply constantly & It's a lot easier to carry around than stardust.  Its a cream rather than powder.

For medium skin tones - Rose golds or soft golds are best.
MAC make a beautiful pigment called "Melon".

For dark skin tones- never use pale shades, you don't want to look frosty! Instead, use golden bronze or just straight bronze colours.
 L'Oreal make a gold eyeshadow called "Sepia Sparkle" which i double up as a highlighter!

For black skin - use dark chocolate colours with shimmer, dark bronze or burgundy bronze.
I also have MAC pigments for this, "Old Gold" & "Pink Branze" are perfect! 

I really hope this has inspired you to add highlighting to your everyday make up regime!



  1. You'll have to do this for me on the weekend so I can see!!