Mar 6, 2011


Making it to fifty tips should be celebrated.. 

Yay! Happy 50th tips & tricks section to me!
(cue clapping & cheering...)

SO I'm give you a really good make up tip. its one of those things that is SO simple to do yet so, SO beautiful when done properly!

Its called highlighting!

Firstly, I'm going to explain to you what highlighting is & show you where to do it.

That will take up one post.

Then in the next couple of posts I'll tell you the best products & colours to use, because frankly its freaking hard trying to think of a fabulous new tip every day.

 Highlighting is an amazing trick, which brings make up to life.  It turns the most simple make up, into an incredibly beautiful one.  It helps make up to look polished, expensive & very sexy. 
Here are some examples of where highlighting has been used in my work..

see the beautiful shimmer on the top of her cheekbone?

& the beautiful shine down the centre of her nose & on her cupid's bow...

the sheen above her brows, on her nose, cheek, cupids bow & chin...

& the glow on her lips?

Yes these girls would still look great without highlighting... 
but they just wouldn't have that WOW!!! factor...

  Highlighting is basically pulling forward an area & making it stand out, which is why its SO important to highlight in the right areas!

Here is a map of the face with the most beautiful areas to highlight shown in purple.

Starting from the top, they are;

* The middle of the forehead just above your brows 
(only if you don't have oily skin, if you do you don't want to highlight that!) 
 * Just underneath your brows on the top of your brow bone
This looks especially beautiful because it catches the light when you turn from side to side
* The inner corners of your eyes & in the middle of your eyelids
* The tops of your cheekbones
Don't smile when you do this, you don't want the product to wrinkle!
* Straight down the centre of the nose.
When i say straight, i mean straight! you don't want to look like you have a wonky nose if you actually don't! Also, if your nose is prominent don't highlight here as it can make your nose appear wider.
* Cupid's bow of the lip.
It makes your lips appear fuller & looks great on pretty much everyone!
* Chin
Again, don't highlight if your chin is prominent or if you have oily skin.

A couple of tips with highlighting..

Always make sure your highlighter blends into the skin so it looks like a natural glow.
Never highlight heavily blemished areas or areas where you are conscious of wrinkles or lines.
Never highlight overly oily areas, under the eyes or on puffy eyelids.

& always choose the right colour to highlight with..

Which i will explain in post 51.

to be continued....


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