Sep 7, 2010

in my make up bag..

This is it.
My entire personal make up kit.  
 Obviously I have a MUCH bigger kit for work, but with these few products I create a range of looks to suit my ever changing make up moods!

From top left to right
For my brows – model co designer brow kit  in light.
Model Co lip lights lip gloss in pink sea shell
Catwalk lipstick  in Sydney (my signature lip colour)
MAC face & body foundation in C2 for when im pasty & C4 for when I’ve got a tan!
MAC mineralize skinfinish in perfect topping. An incredible shimmer.
Bronzematte powder bronzer
Lansinoh – NIPPLE CREAM! For lush lips

Model Co Lip Duo Kitty lipstick
Bottom left to right
Shu Uemura water in cake foundation (used as concealer) in 754
L’oreal Chrome Shine eyeshadow in starry black (179)
L’oreal ColourAppeal eyeshadow in crystal brown (46)
Tub of Black gel eyeliner from ACMUSE- heavy duty eyeliner that doesn't wear off!
L’oreal volume collagene mascara in black (for super thick lashes)
Nutrimetics lash impact mascara in black ( keep the amazing wand once the mascara runs out!)
The Body Shop clear mascara (for keeping brows in place)
Small chisel tapered brush
Small angle brush for eyeliner
Small round brush from ACMUSE (size 14 VC professional)
Blush brush
Flat foundation brush



  1. o wow you have a lovely collection going, i guess thats the bonus on being a make up artist! you're absolutely stunning btw! love your work too!

  2. Great blog! very helpful...
    I would love if you could tell me what product(s) I could use to achieve this lip colour?

  3. thanks girls!! i really appreciate it! i hope you find the tips interesting & helpful! if there are any looks you would like some tips on please let me know!

    anonymous - next time i go make up shopping i will find out the exact shade of that lip colour & what brand for you!

    while you're waiting you could go into a MAC store,. they have some great, up to date shades! a couple of shades that look similar on the website are called "the prowl" & 'MAC red.' Chanel also have some beautiful deep reds.
    its hard to tell without looking at them in person! i do have a very similar shade in my kit but unfortunately i've put it in a pallette so i don't know what brand it is!

    one tip i will give you when shopping for lipstick - instead of testing the colour on the back of your hand, wipe your fingertip over the lipstick, its a closer match to your actual lip colour so you will be able to see what it will actually look like!

    good luck with your search!


  4. Where can i buy that bronzer? Is the brand itself bronzematte?

  5. to be honest, im not sure as it was a gift & the writing has rubbed off! one of the most amazing bronzers i have found is NARS "laguna" it gives a gold highlight as well as the bronzed look! stunning!