Sep 7, 2010

Beach Hair 411

As a hair & make up artist, one of the most common questions i am asked is "how do i get the 'beach hair' look?!

So - here it is! 
  Its all about the product!

Step 1 -Start with freshly washed, towel dried hair.  I love a bit of volume so I spray 
Fudge Root Juice all through the roots & work it into the hair a little bit by rubbing it with my fingers!

Step 2 - Spritz lots of sea salt spray all through the hair, roots to tips! I personally like to use
Wella High Hair Ocean Spritz.

Step 3- I have blonde tips on my hair so i like to get a little bit of Moroccan (Argan) Oil & rub it between my hands then run them through the ends of my hair, to give it a healthy shine! 
i would highly recommend this to everyone!

Step 4- Next- i tip my head upside down (this helps to add volume) & start roughly blowdrying my hair to get a bit of the moisture out, running my fingers through it & messing it about to give it some texture.

If you have especially straight hair, add some more sea salt spray now!

Step 5- i get a medium sized round brush and start blowdrying my hair (with nozzle on) making sure to lift the roots up as im blowdrying for extra volume!

once your hair has been blowdried straight you have 2 choices!

Step 6-
Option A - Quick & easy. plait your hair in piggytails (using thick sections), followed by holding the blowdryer on them for a minute. Then leave them to set for half an hour or so.  Hairspray them before taking them out. Then brush through your hair with a brush or your fingers & you should have messy beach hair!

Option B - My personal favourite. Using thick sections, curl your hair with a medium sized hot curling tong. i always curl my front pieces of hair  (aka wings) going backwards & i only let the hair heat up slightly before taking the tong away so that the curls aren't too defined.

i curl my whole head of hair in about 5 sections. front, middle & back. the thicker the sections the better. You can alternate which way you curl the pieces for a messy look.

Step 7 - Brush your hair with your round brush or your fingers & hairspray
Et Voila- Beach hair is yours to rock!


  1. You have amazing hair..I miss my long hair soooooo much!