May 17, 2010


I admit it.

I love the look of a big fur coat & I cant imagine going into winter without purchasing one.  Even my make up brushes are made with fur..

However, from now on i will only be purchasing faux fur.  Last night while reading my cleo magazine i came across a story that horrified me.

"On a fur farm in China, a man grabs a raccoon dog by the tail with one hand and lifts it out of a crowded wire cage.  He drops the animal to the ground, only for a moment while he adjusts his grip, but its enough time for the raccoon dog to use its two front legs to kick up dust as it tries to run.  There's no point. The man lifts it higher this time, so that its dangling upside down around the man's waist level.  With the other hand, he swings a steel pipe at the raccoon dogs head.  He throws the animal to the ground.  He hits is again straight on the head. And again. He kicks it before walking off to take a look at the other animals."

However, this poor animal is still alive.  And soon there will be a row of them on the ground, dying slowly in great pain.  While skinning the animals, the workers don't seem to notice or care that some of these animals are still blinking & panting. Many of them regain consciousness during the process.
These gorgeous little animals are still alive while being skinned.

The animals are kept in horrific conditions, overcrowded cages. Many of them have distorted faces, open wounds & long term gum disease.  Many of the animals self mutilate. There are dead animals in with the live.  
What's even worse is that in Asia, there is a thriving DOG & CAT fur industry, with the fur incorrectly labelled as "rabbit fur".

If you are still considering whether you would wear fur.. please watch this video

Let's say no to fur & yes to faux. 


  1. Fake fur and fake leather are the wiser choices! Love your blog!