May 8, 2010

Charlie Brown 'Altered States'

Last week i was on the make up team for Charlie Brown's 'Altered States' fashion show/party 
at THE CLUB, Kings Cross.

Photo by Ken Butti / TitoMedia

Charlie Kielty (DLM) was the make up director.
The make up look was beautiful bronzed skin ( think St Tropez ), a black line under the eye with blue smudged into it, with bronzed lids, lots of highlights, peach coloured cheeks & lips, perfectly shaped, full brows & nude nails blending into the skin.

The hair was done by a team from RAW hair salon.

Photo by Limuel Inc.

We had some gorgeous models..i did Bambi's make up (above) we also had Stephanie Carta, Avril Alexander, Tallulah Morton, Laura Dundovick & one other beautiful girl who i didn't get time to chat to!

It was another fabulous night of fashion & beautiful people.

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