Oct 6, 2010

the equivalent of oxford.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Nikki & i discovered what we like to think is the equivalent to Oxford St in Sydney & Chapel St in Melbourne.

Its called Darby St, & its in newcastle!

The boutique shops are gorgeous

It felt like the rooms were Never ending.. full of candles, cushions, photo frames, wall hangings, decorations, soaps & creams.  I was in HEAVEN.
The fashion shops had boutique labels that you can't find in sydney.. ( I "accidently" bought a new bag)
& one of our favourite little shops was full of cute knick-knacks & when you walked out the back it turned into a beautiful little tea garden.

 If you're a sucker for homewares & gifts ( like i am, obviously)
I highly recommend going for a road trip there.


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